Monday, March 11, 2013

Day 1: An apple a day!

I mentioned in my very brief post from Friday that I am starting a "cleanse" this week with Corrie.  Today is the start day and I'm actually kind of excited now.  I found several variations on the same thing, so I will post substitutions as I know about them.

I haven't seen a consistent name for this cleanse/diet, so I think calling it the 7 day cleanse works just fine. According to the different posts I've seen about it, it's actual weight loss, but as with the 3 day diet I tried last year, I'm skeptical until I see it stay off (assuming I don't just start gorging after I'm through this week, ugh).

My starting weight is 226.5 and I have been promised anywhere from 10-17lbs of weight loss in the next 7 days.  A girl can dream right?  The different posts I've seen also say that you can repeat the process as often as you'd like, with no breaks in between.  Overall it seems healthy enough (no starving yourself, rather balanced later in the week, etc), so I don't have any concerns about repetition if I decide to go another week at some point (or next week if it works!).

Restrictions are mostly on a day by day basis, however, the first week it's done there is no alcohol allowed, and you pretty much drink only water.  I did have a cup of coffee this morning (and plan to continue my coffee habit) and will probably be drinking my cleansing tea in the evenings, but otherwise plan to stick to water only (no Crystal Light, juice, soda, etc). If you decide to go for more than one week, the plan says that you can have white wine or beer, limited to two of the same beverage per night.  As per any diet, it warns of drinking your calories.

The first few days are pretty simple in terms of what to eat, and don't seem too weird (just wait until later in the week...).

Today is fruits only (NO BANANAS).  One of the websites I found recommends lots of melon on the first day because of the water content, but it doesn't really make sense to me because of the high sugar content.  You decide I suppose.  Unlimited fruit intake, except bananas of course. 

Because fruit is unlimited, I didn't have much trouble staying full, however, there were some moments of hunger if I had underestimated how much would make a good meal. Basically I should have had better snacks.

Tomorrow is all veggies... I'm guessing it will be harder because I don't find veggies by themselves to be as tasty as fruit alone. I have all of my meals prepped though, and I'm ready for it!

Corrie seems to have done well today too. One day down!

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