Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Chicken, Broccoli and Garlic Kebabs

I borrowed this recipe from, and it's awesome and easy!  I haven't yet gone crazy on here about my newest cooking tool, the Cuisinart Griddler, but if you don't have one you should. It's basically a George Foreman grill for adults.  Sakief and I use it for everything these days it seems.  It has removable top and bottom plates that are dishwasher safe.  They are also reversible flat and ridged so you can use it as a grill, panini press, griddle, etc.  The point is, that I used it to make these kebabs, and, wow, so quick! And so nice for those of us who live in apartments and don't have easy access to a grill (or a clean one at least).

I forget was the sauce was that was recommended as a marinade for the chicken and broccoli, but I just made my own.  Soy sauce, ginger paste, sesame oil and garlic (all to taste, we all have different preferences).

Cut up chicken breasts into chunks and toss in a bowl with the marinade.  Do the same to one large head of fresh broccoli.  

Slide alternating chunks of chicken, broccoli and whole garlic cloves onto kebab sticks and grill until chicken is done.  The broccoli becomes a little crispy on the surface, but still soft to eat, and the garlic is nice and soft and awesome (I LOVE garlic). 

In other news, Sakief and I have really been doing well at eating healthier.  We found that we were eating a diet more suited to maintaining weight than losing weight, so this week we started on a more weight loss conducive diet. 

I set my goals small this week, just not wanting to be above a certain weight, and I made it by a pound.  That's all I can ask for.  We also decided to switch our weigh in day from Friday to Thursday because of kickball on Thursday night. It tends to be our only drinking night of the week, so weighing in on Friday just doesn't make sense.

I am realizing that I don't need to be afraid of the scale, it's not the scale, it's me.  So I'm more comfortable weighing in again.

We also have been doing the 52 week money challenge, and decided that if there is a week where we gain weight from the previous weigh in, we'll add an extra $5 to our jars.  So in the short term it's a consequence, but in the long term we'll have more money saved for a vacation, wee!

Have a wonderful week friends!