Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Week 1

As has been well documented here, I am not a huge fan of running.  I've stopped and started and stopped and started for years.  It's hard for me and I just don't particularly enjoy it.  This time is no different, though I'm really trying to change my attitude and be more positive.

Day 1 (Monday) wasn't so bad, so getting up and run for Day 2 this morning wasn't a problem.  I even found that Day 2 was already a little easier than Day 1.  I found that I didn't need/want to look at my phone to see how much time I had left.  I just went for it.

Just after I started today's program, an older gentleman came out to the pond where I was running to stretch, walk, and enjoy the AMAZING weather we are having (oh please, oh please, oh please weather be like this in 360 days!).  I said "good morning" as I passed him the first time, and then basically ignored him (and vice versa) until I was on my cool down.  He stopped me and said (in fairly broken English, which made it so much nicer that he wanted to talk to me) "50 years I have walked or ran everyday, so good for you" and smiled.  I thanked him and as I walked away he repeated himself and smiled bigger.  Thanks for the boost sweet man.  It wasn't just what he said, it's what I heard, "keep going!", as if this total stranger was proud of me just for trying.

And so with that added motivation, I know I can do it.  Day 3, here I come!

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Maybe I'll Try Again

Way too much has happened since I last blogged (FEBRUARY!!) to catch up in one post (or any post), so let's just pretend you know everything that has happened in my life over the last seven months (I'm an open book, you probably do).

After seeing my friend Erica in New Orleans, I was inspired to start blogging again.  Basically if anyone ever tells me that they enjoy my writing, it's probably going to be enough of an ego boost to make me start doing it again.

Tomorrow is day 1 of retraining for a 5k.  Sakief found a race in early December, so I should be able to finish a C25k program before then.  He starts training for a marathon soon, so he promises to help me get out the door to run.  I'd hate to have a repeat of my last 5k (ow).

No recipes to post at the moment, though I apparently have three draft posts from February (sigh) that are all recipes.  I feel like I need to make the food again before I can go back and finish the posts.  At least I know what's for dinner... 

Hopefully this means I'll start cooking more often too.  Sakief loves to cook, but I don't feel like I've been pulling my weight in the kitchen recently.  

Wedding diet is in full effect with 20 lbs down.  I haven't been on the scale since before La's wedding, too much traveling, but I feel good, and know when I get back on the scale it will be a number I approve of.  I only have to skrink myself at least two dress sizes... damnit bridal moment.  I just had to fall in love with a discontinued dress.  That aside, the weight loss is for me, not the wedding, and for continued health.  Sakief is the greatest support system, as per usual, and with him by my side (duh) I can do anything.

P.S. If you don't have a FitBit, you probably should.  Just saying.  I've never walked more in my life.