Friday, October 26, 2012

Nobody Pats Baby on the Stomach

I'm just going to let everyone use their imagination with that title.  Trust me, the story is fun, haha.

In my haste, I forgot to weigh in again this morning, but I can guarantee that it wasn't good news.  I did sneak a peak at the damage I'd done earlier this week, and have definitely gained a few pounds.

I've made a conscious decision not to let it get me down, and have already begun stocking my fridge with all high protein and healthy veggie foods.  My plan is to go no-carb through the holiday season (with the exception of Thanksgiving, and at least until we leave for St. Maarten), so that I can enjoy some traditional foods (mashed potatoes, yum!).

Hopefully it will help me drop some significant weight in a few weeks.  I'd really love to see my weight under 200lbs before the end of the year.  Erin and I are already gearing up for the 1st of the year push.  We are both in weddings next year, and are ready to fab for them!

I'm off to Pensacola this weekend, but other than seeing lots of friends in celebration of Ali's birthday tomorrow, I have no idea what we're doing.

Short post, that's it!

Friday, October 12, 2012

The beginning of my crazy month

Last weekend I began a month of craziness and travel by attending my dear friend Amanda's wedding in ATL.  As with most people, I struggle when I travel, so I went into the weekend armed with a game plan.  I packed my dinner Friday night (and ate only that dinner), I was determined to work out on Saturday (and did, 30 mins on the elliptical), I ate a healthy breakfast Saturday morning (egg white omelet, yum!), and then walked 3 miles round trip to the World of Coke (but it's ALL THE WAY downtown!).  And that's where the game plan went off track.  On the way back from World of Coke we stopped at The Varsity for chili burgers, onion rings and ice cream, oy.  Then of course the wedding (dinner, cake, alcohol, sigh).

Sunday we went to brunch, and there was a serious lack of willpower on my part (and tough food choices).  Bagels and cream cheese, breakfast casseroles and cookies, oh my!  I was so full afterward that I was determined not to eat the rest of the day, and almost stuck to that.  Until about 8 pm when I decided that I was hungry (I wasn't) and the only thing around was leftover pizza.

Monday and Wednesday were great days, and I had no indulgences.  I got in a good work out on Monday and was feeling re-energized.  Until I woke up on Tuesday that is.  I have had zero energy since, and have therefore not been able to get my lazy butt to the gym.  Case in point: this morning I was still so tired that I used shampoo as body wash.  Not because I was too lazy to go to the store for body wash, there is plenty in my shower, but because in my still delirious state, that's what I chose to put on my loofa.

Tuesday I had a work dinner, and well, many courses of amazing food later and I actually regret nothing.  It was delicious.

The moral of the story is, that indulging is perfectly acceptable.  But when you indulge too much, it works against you.  I gained two pounds back this week.  And I'm ok with that because I can be honest with myself about what I ate and my lack of working out.

My parents are in town this weekend to play with Maiya while Adam and Erin are at ACL, which actually means I'll easily get myself back on track.  Them being in town probably means added eating out, however, they are two of my biggest supporters, and I'm always hesitant to eat poorly around them (the exception, Erin's spaghetti last night, noms). That also keeps me feeling positive about traveling to San Diego next week, since my mom will be there with me every meal.

I am determined to weigh less than 200 lbs by the time we go to St. Maarten (Dec 22, ahh!), which means I have a little over two months to lose 16.5 lbs.  It's doable, but considering how slow my weight loss has been (mostly my fault), is going to be a serious challenge.  Especially with a trip to PCola, an extended visit from Sakief, and Thanksgiving in the middle.

Today was my original deadline to weigh less than 200, and obviously I've missed that.  But I have lost about 10 lbs, which is nothing to be upset about.

Stats this week:
Total weight loss: 68.5 lbs
To go: 16.5/31.5
Work outs: 2 (ugh)

Friday, October 5, 2012

Quick Update

I only have a few minutes in between work and an appointment, but I didn't want to miss my opportunity to write my usual Friday update.

Considering that Sakief was in town last weekend, which always screws with my diet, I had a really good week.  I got in 3 good work outs, and mostly stuck to healthy eating, with few indulgences. 

Then of course, I was so discombobulated this morning that I ate breakfast before I weighed in.  BUT I did still get on the scale just to see, and after eating a full breakfast and drinking about a pint of water, I was still at 214.  Which tells me that I probably lost a little weight this week, but I'm not will to guesstimate how much that may have been.

It's got me really pumped to keep up the momentum this weekend while in ATL, so hopefully I won't go to crazy off diet.  I have packed a sandwich and baby carrots for dinner, so that's covered.  I also have clothes for a morning work out tomorrow, but every time I intend to work out, I never do, so yeah.  Here's hoping I don't flake out on myself.

Have a good weekend all!