Friday, October 26, 2012

Nobody Pats Baby on the Stomach

I'm just going to let everyone use their imagination with that title.  Trust me, the story is fun, haha.

In my haste, I forgot to weigh in again this morning, but I can guarantee that it wasn't good news.  I did sneak a peak at the damage I'd done earlier this week, and have definitely gained a few pounds.

I've made a conscious decision not to let it get me down, and have already begun stocking my fridge with all high protein and healthy veggie foods.  My plan is to go no-carb through the holiday season (with the exception of Thanksgiving, and at least until we leave for St. Maarten), so that I can enjoy some traditional foods (mashed potatoes, yum!).

Hopefully it will help me drop some significant weight in a few weeks.  I'd really love to see my weight under 200lbs before the end of the year.  Erin and I are already gearing up for the 1st of the year push.  We are both in weddings next year, and are ready to fab for them!

I'm off to Pensacola this weekend, but other than seeing lots of friends in celebration of Ali's birthday tomorrow, I have no idea what we're doing.

Short post, that's it!

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