Friday, October 5, 2012

Quick Update

I only have a few minutes in between work and an appointment, but I didn't want to miss my opportunity to write my usual Friday update.

Considering that Sakief was in town last weekend, which always screws with my diet, I had a really good week.  I got in 3 good work outs, and mostly stuck to healthy eating, with few indulgences. 

Then of course, I was so discombobulated this morning that I ate breakfast before I weighed in.  BUT I did still get on the scale just to see, and after eating a full breakfast and drinking about a pint of water, I was still at 214.  Which tells me that I probably lost a little weight this week, but I'm not will to guesstimate how much that may have been.

It's got me really pumped to keep up the momentum this weekend while in ATL, so hopefully I won't go to crazy off diet.  I have packed a sandwich and baby carrots for dinner, so that's covered.  I also have clothes for a morning work out tomorrow, but every time I intend to work out, I never do, so yeah.  Here's hoping I don't flake out on myself.

Have a good weekend all!

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