Friday, November 2, 2012

No Excuses!

I've spent a lot of time over the past few weeks whining about how amazing my life is, and therefore why I OBVIOUSLY can't stick to my healthy lifestyle.  I have made a ton of excuses for myself for why I keep eating crappy or not working out.  To be fair, I really don't care that I enjoyed some higher calorie foods, and perhaps a bit of alcohol, while I've been traveling/playing over the past few weeks.  I don't believe in rewarding yourself with food, but I do believe in giving yourself a break when it's appropriate.  However, there is no excuse for the pure laziness while I've been at home.  Oh the fast food... gross.  And the lack of gym time, also gross.

I really do like working out.  I really do hate running.  It just won't stick.  But I spent 45 mins on the elliptical yesterday and it felt so good!  I'll be back tomorrow, you can count on it!  So why don't I work out?  Lazy. I've also managed to avoid yoga for what seems like months now... Sunday I'm definitely going.  I may need some help to get back to the gym on a regular basis, but I'm getting back into the right mind set, so I'm ever hopeful, especially since I do still have a visit from Sakief and Thanksgiving to get through before St. Maarten...

Today I bought lots and lots of healthy foods to stock my fridge and freezer, so I will have no excuses to not eat healthy.  As of Monday I'm back to my "phase 1", essentially no carbs except for veggies.  I am almost there already, however, I have a few bagel thins to eat still, so they will be breakfast this weekend (and I'm saving a few for Sakief to eat while he's here next weekend). 

My other big purchase of the day (or small as it may be) were two bikini bottoms.  No, I don't plan to go topless in St. Maarten.  I am still way too big (and may always be as my top half has changed dramatically) for the one bikini I own, and my other bathing suit it borderline too big.  I've been getting nervous about finding a bathing suit or two to take with me to St. Maarten, but bottoms are always my biggest problem.  They are both a little snug, but will hopefully serve as some added motivation to get my weight down more before vacation.  Tops are not as hard for me to find in my size, so I decided to wait until closer to the time.  Both are basic black, so I can buy almost anything to go with them.   I saw a bunch of cute tops at Target while I was there; I'm sure there will be plenty of options when the time gets closer.

So my mantra for the next 7 weeks or so (and thereafter) is NO EXCUSES!  Sure Thanksgiving will be hard, but I've got a lot more at stake, my health and happiness.

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  1. I just can't bring myself to run either. I just don't enjoy it, so you are not alone!