Friday, November 30, 2012

Pinterest Crazy

I set a weight gain goal for myself over Thanksgiving, of no more than 2lbs net gain this week. I am realistic enough to know that I wasn't going lose weight this week, and felt pretty confident that I'd be up a little bit. Thankfully I stayed within my goal, and while I am up, I'm only back up to 212. Considering what I weighed at the beginning of the week, I'm thrilled.

With three weeks left until we leave for St. Maarten, I feel confident I can hit one of my goals of being under 210lbs before then. Of course I'll probably be back over 210 after vacation, but I'll deal with that a few weeks from now.

I also realized that I'm not going to be in the shape that I want to be in order to be comfortable in a bikini, so I did purchase a couple new tankinis, and both are very flattering. I'm really proud of how I look in them, and can't believe how far I've come.

Thanksgiving was a wonderful few days (especially the food indulgences, yum). But mostly being with family and friends. We went shopping for bridesmaid dresses for Corrie and Justin's wedding, and Corrie picked an absolutely beautiful dress. It was such a special time since not only were four bridesmaids there (out of 6), but having Aunt Ruth and Grandmere there too was just too much fun. I also got to spend some time with Becca, Ben and Ben's fiancé Ashley. It was the first time that I've met Ashley, and I think she's wonderful. I'm so happy for my friend.

While we still have two months until we move into our new place, with only two weeks left until Sakief moves to Texas (!!!!!!!!!) I've gone into organization/packing mode. Last night I went a little Pinterest crazy with organization tips. I took on my dresser last night and was able to clear out a drawer so that I could move my undergarments back into the dresser. Since my freshman year of college they have lived in a plastic three drawer organizer, so it's nice to have that empty.

I also used a Pinterest tip to make that old plastic organizer a little nicer looking and mod podged some scrapbook paper onto the front. I have a much larger organizer that I'd like to ultimately get rid of, so I'm hoping to move all of that stuff (hair ties, meds, makeup) into the smaller one. Perhaps I can get rid of them all together in the new place, but I simply don't have the storage space in my current apartment to not use them. I find that Pinterest offers a lot of "duh" ideas, and I'm hoping that with using some shoe boxes and other dividers I'll fit everything in to a couple of drawers.

This was a good week for me exercise wise. Erin reminded me of my plea from last week's post that I need more motivation to work out, so despite how tired I was, Monday we hit the gym. Tuesday we went to a Zumba class and had a blast! And then I dragged my lazy butt back to the gym last night. Let's hope that I can keep it up!

Stats this week:
Weight: 212 lbs
Weight lost: 72.5 lbs
To go: 27.5 lbs
Work outs: 3

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