Saturday, November 17, 2012

Who Wears Short Shorts?


For the first time in years I bought shorts today! And the even better part is that they are size 14! Normally this wouldn't be such a big deal, but when I say that it's been years since I've worn shorts, I mean it has been so long that I can't even remember. It has to be in early college, maybe.

They are also the first size 14 shorts/pants/whatever that I have been able to fit in since starting this process. I can't wait to wear the in St. Maarten. I have bought so many new clothes for this trip... I should probably stop. But I just can't help it, I have a new body, and I'm so excited about this trip that this is how I'm letting it all out.

My real squee moment of the day though is that I applied for a new fabulous apartment! Sakief and I have been on the hunt for a place to call ours (since my current place is anything but), and today I found it! As much as I hate packing and moving, I can't wait for this one. He and I will stay put for awhile, and I'll finally have a place to settle into. I mean, my bed is currently in my living room and most of my belongings are still in boxes because I didn't want to get too comfortable.

I'm sure it will go by quickly, but January 25 can't come soon enough! New home here we come!

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  1. I know - I'm dreading the packing and moving process again too!