Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Week 1

As has been well documented here, I am not a huge fan of running.  I've stopped and started and stopped and started for years.  It's hard for me and I just don't particularly enjoy it.  This time is no different, though I'm really trying to change my attitude and be more positive.

Day 1 (Monday) wasn't so bad, so getting up and run for Day 2 this morning wasn't a problem.  I even found that Day 2 was already a little easier than Day 1.  I found that I didn't need/want to look at my phone to see how much time I had left.  I just went for it.

Just after I started today's program, an older gentleman came out to the pond where I was running to stretch, walk, and enjoy the AMAZING weather we are having (oh please, oh please, oh please weather be like this in 360 days!).  I said "good morning" as I passed him the first time, and then basically ignored him (and vice versa) until I was on my cool down.  He stopped me and said (in fairly broken English, which made it so much nicer that he wanted to talk to me) "50 years I have walked or ran everyday, so good for you" and smiled.  I thanked him and as I walked away he repeated himself and smiled bigger.  Thanks for the boost sweet man.  It wasn't just what he said, it's what I heard, "keep going!", as if this total stranger was proud of me just for trying.

And so with that added motivation, I know I can do it.  Day 3, here I come!

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