Friday, June 1, 2012

I work out!

Do I actually work out?  Not often.  It's embarrassing actually considering how motivated I say I am to lose weight.

BUT, last night I took the big step and joined a gym.  A really expensive gym.  Let's hope that the sheer cost to me will keep me motivated to go!  The good news is that they only offer month to month memberships, so I can cancel at any time if I'm not using it, and won't lose a ton of money.  The other good news (and way to keep me motivated) is that it's the gym that Adam and Erin belong to, so I will have some work out buddies!  The other other good news is that it's a really awesome gym, and my membership gets me access to everything.  They also start me off with enough rewards points to get some group "personal" training (about 2 months worth, wee!). 

I spent some time on the elliptical last night in my inaugural work out, and plan to go back today with Erin and Maiya for a work out and some pool time.  Since it is the beginning of the weekend, hopefully I'll get in some work outs in the next few days as well.  I'm planning to check out some of the classes next week and would love to find one or two that I love and will keep me going!

Today was a big weigh in for me... June 1 is/was my deadline for a mini goal, to lose 50 lbs.  Unfortunately I didn't make my goal (and no, I didn't surpass it either, sigh).  As of this morning I am down 48 lbs, so I was close, but not quite there.  With 2 lbs to go (I'd really like to lose 2.5 lbs to get me just past that half way mark), I am resetting the goal for next week.  Fingers crossed for next week!

Erin and I have also decided that we want to both be bikini ready by our family trip to St. Maarten this winter.  We're already looking forward to swim suit shopping 6 months from now... and we will both be ready!

Weight lost: 48 lbs
Weight to go: 52 lbs
Work outs this week: 1 (ugh)

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  1. hey 48 lbs is still a BIG DEAL! I'm so inspired by you!