Friday, June 22, 2012

Will Power, Schmill Power

As I mentioned last week, I was worried about weighing in both this week (and still will be worried) next week.  I have days and days of potential diet downfalls (and lack of time to exercise).

I'm happy to announce that my will power (aka guilt power) has kept me pretty in check so far.  Wednesday, which is typically a work out day, I attended Beth's bachelorette party (obstacle numero uno).  I had a blast despite the fact that I had to be a responsible adult and leave early (and I sober tripped at the end of the night and had to be caught by the bouncers before I face planted, awesome).  Because I knew I had to drive home, I kept my alcohol consumption to a minimum, keeping those additional calories to a minimum as well.  I did eat two pieces of Roppolo's pizza (the BEST street pizza ever), mostly because I was STARVING since we didn't eat until about 10pm.  But I boogied the night away, trying to make up for the fact that I didn't have time to get my work out in (and those two pieces of pizza...).

Last night was obstacle number two, Salt Lick.  For those of you not familiar with Salt Lick, it's one of the most amazing BBQ places in the entire world (for reals).  It's been featured on several foodie shows, including Man vs. Food (Adam didn't have a food challenge here, but you might as well).  To summarize Salt Lick, it's basically all you can eat ribs, sausage and brisket, plus potato salad, cole slaw, baked beans, bread, pickles and onions.  And then you can't forget the blackberry or peach (or half and half) cobbler a la mode.  I definitely indulged, but kept my indulgence to a minimum.  It was definitely a blessing in disguise that I didn't exactly feel well all day, so I wasn't particularly interested in making myself even more uncomfortable (fail, I was still uncomfortably full, and I have no desire to eat this morning).  

The last of the big obstacles will be the actual wedding tomorrow night, and then of course brunch the next day (assuming that I'm interested in eating).  Fingers crossed that I won't overdo it!

As far as exercise goes, I'm doing my best to keep it up.  I got work outs in 3 days this week (Friday, Sunday and Monday).  I mentioned last week that I was scheduled for my first personal training session, but that was rescheduled for this afternoon.  Hopefully he doesn't cancel on me again!  I also plan to work out tomorrow since the wedding doesn't start until 7:30pm. 

And lastly, but not leastly (I realize that isn't a word), how much, if any, did I lose this week?  And did I make my goal of a new decade before the wedding? Thankfully I am down to a new lowest weight (2.5 lbs since last Friday), but I just missed a new decade.  Depending on how today goes, I may check my weight tomorrow, to see if I may have actually met the goal.

Today's stats:
Weight lost: 54.5 lbs
To go: 45.4 lbs

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