Monday, June 25, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

Unfortunately, even with eating nothing but veggies on Friday, I still didn't hit my new decade goal on Saturday when I stepped on the scale.  Which is fine.  I'm ever hopeful that this week will be the magical weigh in :)

So how did I handle my consumption this weekend?  Eh.  I would say I was mediocre.  I managed not to go too crazy at the wedding food wise, and ended up skipping cake altogether (seems to be my MO recently, and I LOVE cake!), but I drank entirely too much.  As evidenced by my nasty hangover yesterday.  I'll spare everyone the gory details, but I probably had enough output to balance the input.

I've been really needing to pump myself up recently, and have been feeling like I've hit a plateau.  Well, I've definitely hit one.  Or it's just not been a great few weeks because of the breaks in my schedule.  I realized today that I've only lost 2 lbs in the last 3 weeks.  Couple that with the fact that I didn't meet my last mini goal and I'm a little bummed.  Thankfully I have an incredible boyfriend who doesn't mind listening to me gripe, and keeps my spirits high (along with some other really awesome friends). 

I have also noticed, that while the weight isn't coming off, that my body is still changing (in a good way).  Everything seems to be tightening up and slimming down, especially my thighs.  I'm hoping this is due to the spinning (probably the elliptical too, but mostly the spinning).  I really love that class, and may start going to more than just the Sunday morning one. 

This weekend was all around really lovely.  Beth and Kelly make an absolutely beautiful couple, and I was so honored to share in their joy.  It was also a good weekend with my parents, who spoiled the crap out of me, and didn't even make fun of me (too much) for how hungover I was yesterday.  I definitely deserved it though. 

I almost forgot!  Friday when I met with my personal trainer, it was not what I expected.  It turned out to just be a consultation to figure out a plan for me.  Wednesday will FINALLY be my first personal training work out, and I'm somewhat dreading it based on what he had to tell me.  I was pleased when I went for my work out tonight though because not only did he say hi and that he was glad to see me working out on my own (duh), but that he had seen me Saturday and just didn't have time to say hi.  I really appreciate that he was paying attention, especially with how big the gym is (I think someone told me there are 14,000 members!!  Can that be right?)

In just a few days I'm heading back to PCola for the second time since making my big move, and I absolutely can't wait.  It will have been 5 weeks since I've seen Sakief, which is entirely too long.  This weekend is going to be incredible, I can already tell :)

And finally, I think I need to set some new goals:

1) New decade by THIS WEEK'S WEIGH IN!  (AHHHHHH!)
2) Continue working out 3-4 times/week (wee!)
3) Run a mile without stopping before 7/25 (one month... I should probably start C25k again!)
4) 60 lbs of total weight loss by 6/13 (I have got to get off this damn plateau!)

Oh, and check me out... I was definitely feeling hot this weekend ;)

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  1. looking beautiful!! you can totes beat that platteau, good luck with the personal trainer!