Tuesday, June 5, 2012

20ish pounds ago

I wasn't planning on a photo update post today, but after I got dressed I realized I was wearing the same outfit that I wore when I first posted a "look at me now" blog.  I was shocked when I looked in the mirror.  I wasn't even looking at the original photo, but I could picture it, and I knew I had changed a lot.

I tried to make the pictures looks as similar as possible so that the differences can be noticed.  I see it the most in my face, and lower stomach/hip areas.

Here we go! 
February 2012 - I had lost 27 lbs

This morning - 49 lbs down!

So... What do you think?


  1. Awesome job! Thats really an amazing feat:)

  2. so proud of you!!! That's awesome!

  3. So proud of you and your amazing accomplishment!!! You look great!

  4. Sarah you look great!!! Congratulations!