Monday, June 4, 2012

No carb pizza?

Pizza is one of my most favorite foods in the entire world.  Any kind of pizza.  It's also one of the foods that I completely lose my will power over.  I'd love to say that I could order a pizza for a treat and eat only two slices.  Unfortunately, if I order a pizza, I eat the whole dang thing.  And sometimes some chicken wings too.  I know, it's disgusting.  It's why I try to avoid the pizza, but eventually, the craving gets to me. 

I've found a couple different low carb pizza recipes, using cauliflower, zucchini, etc as the crust, and hadn't gotten around to trying any of the recipes until now.  The recipe I tried was the most unusual of those that I found, using cream cheese, eggs, and parmesan cheese as the crust.

The end result?  It was weird.  Not good, not bad, just weird.  Thankfully I am most focused on the toppings and not the crust, so I got the flavors I was looking for, but it was still weird.  I may try it again, but I'm not even sure that the recipe is worth sharing.  I think I'll need to try some of the other alternative recipes first.  But at least it looks yummy?

I've been trying very hard these past few days to be very good.  As you know I didn't make my 50 lb goal this past Friday, and I'm really hoping to make it this week.  Of course Friday night I partied a little more than I expected when E and Jeff came to town, but I think it was worth it.  I had a wonderful night with Miami loves, who I miss every day. 

I have managed to push myself and get my butt to gym a lot over the past few days.  I have gone Thursday, Friday, Sunday and this evening.  Yesterday's work out was super fun.  I started with a beginner yoga course, and finished out the day with my first ever spinning class.  Despite how uncomfortable I (still) am after spinning, I really liked it!  So to help with the discomfort I treated myself to a seat pad and some new yoga pants (those were just a bonus).  I'm hoping to make this my Sunday ritual, it was awesome!

I'm so sore, but it feels so good :)  50 lbs here I come!

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  1. Being a picky eater myself, I have never tried these delightful carb-free pizzas, but I do have friends who recently made and loved the cauliflower crust. I mean LOVED it, so you should definitely give that one a try next. Sometimes the crust falls apart, but then you just put it in a bowl and call it pizza salad!

    Congrats on the gym ratness, I have been in the gym a lot recently too!!

    Fingers crossed you reach your 50 lb goal this Friday. You can do it!