Wednesday, May 9, 2012

I think I'll go to Austin...

This post is WAY overdue (I guess any post is way overdue at this point, please excuse my blogging absence), but I figured it was about time to not only discuss why I moved to Austin, but the move itself, because I'M HERE!

To me it has been an interesting series of events that got me to this point, but I couldn't be happier or more excited (well, unless Sakief was here with me, boo).  I have known for awhile that I wanted/needed to be closer to family.  In fact, I looked at essentially this same job last fall, but that was obviously not the right timing. 

Because of this Sakief started looking into school in Austin, and fell in love with UT.  No complaints from me!  Of course we assumed at this point that he would leave me behind in Pensacola, and I would join him here, not the other way around.

Well my desire to be in Austin continued to grow, and miracle of miracles, a job opened in San Antonio.  Not exactly Austin, but I'd have taken it!  I knew pretty quickly that the job was mine if I wanted it, but had no idea what awesome turns this whole process would take. 

One of the counselors in Austin decided to take a new position, so Austin became an option after San Antonio was offered to me.  Austin was not only an option, but where the need for a new counselor was greater, so I was actually given a choice! 

Timing still wasn't great for a few reasons; Sakief and I had just moved in together and we had FINALLY hired some to replace Courtney at Sacred (and she doesn't start until late June).  But timing was great for other reasons... mainly, I need my family right now, and being close to Adam, Erin and Maiya has already been so incredible just three days into my Texas residency.

This is such a great opportunity for me, and while I'm not thrilled about being away from Sakief, he gets to join me in December.  I can't really complain about 7 months of long distance, and am hopeful that it will go by quickly.  I already have plans to go back to Pensacola for Memorial Day Weekend, which is only three weeks apart to start off, not bad.  I will also be headed back that direction for his jaw surgery, and I'm sure several other times this summer before he has more leave and can visit me here.

The move itself has gone pretty smoothly, but there are always hiccups... like Nora having emergency surgery three days beforehand.  Many, many thank yous to my wonderful and amazing cousin Corrie for flying in to drive with me and dealing with my constant anxiety and tears all weekend.  Also many thanks to Sakief and his buddies for loading the UHaul, and to Adam for unloading it.  I really am a lucky girl.

The move started off with the worry that I hadn't rented a large enough UHaul, thankfully not only did it fit everything, it had space to spare, whew!  The drive was pretty smooth, although Corrie and I both agree that Louisiana highways suck.  We made great time; it took us about 11.5 hours, including stops.  We made that little UHaul move!

It was when we arrived that sh*t hit the fan.  My apartment was FILTHY.  Corrie and I spent two hours cleaning it after being in the car for most of the day, which was not thrilling for either one of us.  I was clearly especially tired, because I wouldn't stop crying and decided that I wouldn't stay in this apartment (of course I stayed, and while I don't/won't love it, I like it, I guess).  It also smelled of smoke (and still often smells like marijuana... I thought it was from the old tenants, but I'm starting to think that it may be from my current next door neighbors...

While the apartment may not be all that I had hoped for, Austin is.  I'm already getting comfortable driving around the city, and have gotten a lot accomplished.  I have a little more to unpack, but have gotten most other things taken care of.  I have my car registered and have a new license, so it's all official!  Today I take Nora to her new vet, and will do a bit of grocery shopping so that I can actually eat at home and not at Adam and Erin's (not that I dislike getting to spend time with them).

As for my diet... I haven't been eating great for the past week, but Erin is helping to get me back on track (as will the grocery shopping).  I didn't get to weigh in on Friday before the move, but will have an update this coming Friday.  I'm expecting to have gained some weight, but hopefully it isn't too much.  I know I will head back in the right direction now that I'm settled, and I'm excited for my continued success.

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  1. congrats on the move! I know you'll continue to be very successful! sorry about your bummer apartment, but soon enough you'll get to move into a place that you love. miss you!