Monday, May 14, 2012

1.5 weeks in...

Long distance relationships suck.  I wish that there were a more eloquent way to put it, but it's true, they suck.  1.5 weeks away from Sakief and I am definitely ready for our separation to be over already.  I know that getting started with work will keep me busy, which will help, but I worry if it will be enough to keep me from going absolutely crazy.  Sakief, as always, continues to be my biggest cheerleader, which probably makes being away from him all that much harder.  Having Adam, Erin and Maiya is also incredible, but it doesn't make all of the loneliness go away.  Nothing can really make up for being separated from your significant other.  I have renewed respect for those, like my parents, who have made it work for so long when life necessitates being apart.

On a positive note, as I try to be the eternal optimist (ha!), I've been eating really well, trying new recipes, and actually working out!  I still need to get back on the C25k track, but I'm convincing myself to be less lazy, and have gotten on the treadmill and/or elliptical several times in the past week.  I'm feeling pretty confident (especially after a cheat weigh in this morning) that I will actually make my birthday mini goal.  Which means I have about a day and half to come up with a few more mini goals to begin!

I'm also excited to share the recipes that I deem worthy.  One is definitely not... ugh, that was a gross experiment.  Do NOT try the egg bake that I had pinned if you follow me on Pinterest (I have since deleted it because I was that unhappy with the result).  There are a couple that have been successful, so stay tuned!

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