Friday, May 25, 2012

Heading Back to Pensacola!

Happy Memorial Day Weekend everyone!  Unfortunately I don't leave until tomorrow morning (extremely early!), but I'm heading back to Pensacola for the first time since I moved.  After a whole three weeks, haha.  But it has been a long three weeks.  I am so ready to spend some quality time with Sakief, catch up with my PCola friends, and celebrate Darci and Logan at their wedding tomorrow night!  Finally!

As it's Friday, it's weigh in day!  My last official weigh in was on my birthday, and since then I am down a net 1.5 pounds.  I did have an unofficial weigh in earlier this week and I was down 2.5 pounds, and then I ate horribly... don't judge me.  I have felt horrible (literally) for the past 36 hours.  Since I have been eating healthier again today (Greek yogurt for bfast, chicken breast and broccoli for lunch), it's already getting my insides back on track and I feel much better! 

I have a pretty lofty goal of losing 3 more pounds by next Friday, but hopefully I can keep on track this weekend (though I know the wedding will be difficult).  Thankfully Sakief has been experimenting more with a diet closer to mine, so we should be able to help each other this weekend.  I also packed my work out clothes; I'd love to go for a run while I'm there, I'll need it!

Unfortunately I only worked out once this week so far, and unless I can motivate myself to work out today (ha!), I will already be breaking my work out goal.  Let's see if I can get myself moving!  I tried to get up early all week to work out before work, and yet, nothing.  I'm definitely not a morning work out person.

Pounds lost: 47
Pounds to go: 53

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