Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Happy birthday to me!

Well, it's finally here, my 26th birthday!  To be honest, I've been less than thrilled about this birthday.  Not for any particular reason, I think I just may be finally getting to an age where I don't much care about my birthday.  Perhaps I'll care again when I turn 30...

Anyway, today was also a mini goal deadline, and I am happy to report that I not only met my mini goal (two new decades!), but surpassed it.  While I am still in the decade that I wanted to be in, I weigh less than I anticipated, so I'm feeling good.  In fact, I have lost 3 pounds since last Friday already!

Monday was my first day at work, but today I get to counsel again, so I'm very excited (less than excited about being supervised though, boo).  After work Adam and I are going to Pappadeaux to celebrate my birthday, so hopefully I don't ruin the hard work I've done over the past week... but Pappadeaux, yum!

Thanks for all of the birthday love I've received already!

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