Wednesday, July 11, 2012

This is why I blog

I originally sat down to write a blog post about an hour and a half ago.  I was going to write about how I hadn't been to the gym since Sunday, and why I wasn't going to go tonight, even though I knew I should.  But as I began composing the post in my head (I often do this through out the day, and inevitably forget something witty I planned to say that once I remember, no longer makes any sense in a future post), I realized that every excuse I had for NOT working out today, was exactly WHY I SHOULD.

I have made a conscious decision not to lie in my blog, not even a little (at least intentionally).  So not only did I realize that I had no valid excuse for not working out, but I also realized that I felt guilty about the idea of not working out, and embarrassed to have to tell the truth in such a public forum.  That was the motivation I needed, and I promptly changed from my PJs to a sports bra and yoga pants and ran out the door.

So now, here I sit, still sweaty from an hour on the elliptical, and so glad for it.  And this is why I blog.  It really does keep me accountable.  Thanks.

EDIT: Also, Sakief.  Sakief helped convince me to work out.  Can't forget to acknowledge my man :)


  1. Yay for gym! I'm impressed you do the elliptical for an hour. The most I can do is 45 minutes before I get bored, however, I too went to the gym tonight. Yay us!

  2. Way to go! That's the hardest, going to the gym when you don't want to. SO PROUD!

  3. I started blogging recently hoping it will be same motivating to me as it is to You :) I'm low carber as well, though fitness never been significant part of my life finally I decided to change it. I've looked around your site and found it very inspiring. I'll be watching you
    (And Sorry for my English!)