Sunday, July 8, 2012

Detox and Decompress

Friday was a rough day, obviously.  I was excited for my last personal training session because I knew he'd work me hard, and it would help get the frustration out.  Which is sort of right... he worked me so hard, that I cried (frustration and pain, my knees were busted).  Literally had tears streaming down my face.  And once I got myself back together, I still got in the car and cried some more.  It was actually really cathartic.  Just a huge release of all my emotions.  Maybe a scream would have been less embarrassing (maybe), but the crying really helped.

What also really helped is the continued support that I am getting from so many people.  The fact is, when I don't believe in myself, I really do need to hear that others do.  I truly have the best support system, and wouldn't be doing so well without them.  Special thank yous to Sakief, Mollye, Erin and Cassie who really understand what I'm going through, and are always willing to listen to me vent.

I took Mollye's advice and picked up a detox tea on my way to the gym on Friday.  Not only has it helped me feel better physically, but emotionally as well.  I drink a cup before bed and it helps relax me, so I have been sleeping better.  I'm still a little on edge, but know that this will pass.  I was curious to see if the detox teas really help so I've been on the scale that past few days.  Since it's not my official weigh in day, I won't share specifics, but this morning I was at my lowest weight yet!  Fingers crossed I don't fluctuate too much throughout the week (I know I'll flux a little, always do), and can announce an official loss on Friday!

Today I got back in my Sunday routine of 10 am yoga, and 11:15 spinning.  Yoga was lovely, as always.  Spinning sucked.  I really pushed myself hard last week, and am still in a lot of pain (actual pain, not just soreness, you should see the bruises on my knees), so unfortunately I couldn't last the whole class.  Since I'm still a beginner, I'm really trying not to overdo it.  No sense in injuring myself.  I still had a 500 cal work out, so I'm pretty happy with that.  Next week will be better :)


  1. I'm proud of you! Great job! I knew the tea would help. Keep up the great work and you'll keep reaping the benefits. Plateaus and set backs happen, but only to be more and more successful as you continue. Love you!!

  2. Go Sarah! Detox tea is always a huge help. I also find taking my puppy for a walk an seeing how happy it makes her makes me feel a bit better too. Love you!

  3. I believe in you!!!