Friday, August 31, 2012

Slow Week

Sometimes I think I blog too often, posting when I don't really have anything to say, and worried that people will just roll their eyes when they see my newest post pop up on Facebook.  But then I get really incredible messages from people I would have never guessed read my blog, and I don't really care if others roll their eyes.  Block me from your newsfeed or defriend me, I don't care. (For the record, I have no idea if I actually annoy anyone, just a feeling)

This was definitely a slow week for blogging though.  Just nothing to report about my low carb life.  I didn't try any new recipes, no spectacular work outs that I'm super proud of, just status quo, and that's cool.

I did start taking off the weight I put back on while away for Sakief's surgery.  A half a pound.  I would have liked to see more progress, but considering that I had a bad weekend of eating (oh circus), I can't (and am not) disappointed.  Just glad to see that it's coming back off.

I did get some good news this week, that I'm hoping will spur me to try harder than I have been the past few weeks... My family is officially going to St. Maarten for Christmas!  My parents brought it up LAST December, and we've been waiting for the trip to be able to be booked since then.  Then of course I got a big fat "maybe" when I asked my boss for time off.  I was crushed.  Until she told me earlier this week that my time off is approved.  I can't wait to spend 9 days on a beautiful beach with all of the people I love the most.

I think I mentioned it awhile ago, but Erin and I are determined to be bikini ready before this trip.  I've got an idea in my head of where I will need to be weight wise, in order to look the way I want in a bikini, but who knows?  Which means I just need to kick some serious weight loss butt and do it! 

This was a good week for exercise.  I got in 5 work outs this weeks, only "skipping" Saturday (circus) and Weds (I deserve a break, sheesh!).  Running is still difficult, but I'm determined to finish this C25k program and to start enjoying running.  I'll get there!

Since it's a long weekend, I'm taking off for Pensacola tonight, shocker, haha.  Sakief, I know you'll read this... I'm giving you public permission to yell at me if I want to eat unhealthy foods.  And I will say "thank you" and not argue (but maybe pout).  I really need to break the habit of letting myself eat whatever I want while I'm out of town.  I travel entirely too often to always be in that mind set, and it's going to completely derail my hard work if I don't do something soon.

This week's stats:
Work outs: 5
Current weight: 221
Weight lost: 63.5
To go: 36.5/21.5

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