Friday, August 10, 2012

Just What I Needed!

Every week I get nervous to step on the scale, and every week (well, most weeks, I have had a few off weeks), I see success.  So why do I continue to be nervous?  Probably because I've come to expect a lot of myself. 

It's amazing how easily I can convince myself that my week was blown.  I had a slight lapse in will power on Wednesday when I lab rep brought in fajitas from Chuys.  I've been going home for lunch to spend time with Nora since she's still healing, so I politely excused myself and decided I would only eat my own food.  And then I got back to work, there were tons of leftovers and the entire office smelled of fajitas.  I may have had a few... but then was so uncomfortably full that I didn't eat dinner, so maybe some of it balanced out?  Now I know that one meal shouldn't kill a week, but since this was just 36 hours ago, I was worried.

The scale was definitely a surprise this week... I'm down to 218!!  What up new decade?!?! Haha.  That's a 3 lb total loss, so thankfully I'm starting to catch up to where I should be to hit my 90 day goal.  If I'm doing my math correctly I should be about 8 lbs down, and I am now 6.5 lbs down.

Having a great weigh in is just what I needed this week.  It's been a slightly overwhelming week otherwise, and I've been feeling down; this definitely perks up my mood before what is sure to be a long weekend.  I'm very impatiently waiting for Tuesday to arrive so that I can be back in Pensacola with Sakief for his surgery.

I'm hoping to still weigh in next week, however, I won't have my scale in Pensacola (I'm there until Sunday), and I don't like using multiple scales.  Consistency is key.  I'll have to see how close Sakief's scale is to my own.

Stats this week:
Weight lost: 3 lbs
Total weight lost: 66.5 lbs
To go: 18.5/33.5
Work outs: 3

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