Monday, August 20, 2012


I spent most of last week in Pensacola, and unfortunately, also spent most of last week not exercising, and not worrying about what I was eating.  It seems as though my other weight loss buddies ran into similar issues... not logging food, etc.  It gets you way off track.  And I will take full responsibility for any damage I may have done.  More than anything, it has just gotten my system out of whack.  I hate that.  So I'm spending this week in reboot/detox mode to get my habits back in check.

The next few days will be some boring meals, but I think it's important to make sure I eat unprocessed foods.  So lots of raw veggies and protein, that's it.  We'll see what the scale has to say on Friday.  I'm shooting for maintaining the 218 from my last weigh in.

Despite the fact that I feel like crap because I haven't exercised in week, and feel bloated because of the food I ate, I did get a lot of validation for the hard work I've put in.  It's been a long time since I had seen many of my Pensacola friends (I'm so glad I got to see so many people this past week, it was awesome!), and they all told me how great I look.  It's really exciting to hear it when it's hard to see the everyday changes in the mirror.  A few people even had to double take when they saw me because they weren't sure it was actually me.  I'm pretty pumped.  And it helps give me the motivation to reboot this week.

I'm not the only person undergoing a significant physical transformation.  Many of you who read my blog know me, Sakief, or both of us well enough to know that he had surgery last week (or you read my million surgery updates on Facebook, so you figured it out).  I think it's also safe to say that many of you know that he was having jaw surgery to correct an under-bite.  He has a lot of healing left to do, but here are some before and after photos that show his amazing transformation!

Just Before Surgery
Just After Surgery

Please excuse the blood in the second photo.  And thank you to everyone who sent love and support on Wednesday (and after).  I was pretty neurotic (shocker!), so it was really nice to hear from everyone, and I think Sakief really appreciated it as well.  Here's to hoping the next 4 weeks go by quickly and smoothly and he continues to heal as well as he has been!

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