Friday, April 13, 2012

Back on track!

Despite my best efforts over the weekend (and even breakfast last Friday, following my last weigh in post), it took until Tuesday to really get myself back on track. I was not expecting any weight loss this week, and wouldn't have been surprised to see that I had gained a little like last week.

That's why it was very nice to see that I was actually down a pound from last week! That makes up for the half pound I gained back last week, and then a little more. I'll take it! Next week I expect more out of myself though. Despite my laziness when it comes to working out, I'm moving around a lot more, and doing a good bit of heavy lifting as I pack up my life once more, so hopefully that helps out this next week!

Of course today we're hosting Kerry's bridal shower in the office, which means potluck, which means a lot of delicious food that isn't on my diet. Come on willpower!

Pounds down: 40.5
Pounds to go: 59.5

I can do this!

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