Friday, March 30, 2012


Of course I have to start off this post with my official weigh in for the week. Unfortunately I did not lose my goal of 2 lbs... wait... that's not unfortunate... because I lost 5 lbs!!!! I double and triple checked, because there have been times in the past that my scale has lied to me (either too high or too low), but each time I got on, it said the same thing. I could not be more excited!

For those keeping track, that means 40 lbs total, in three months! 60 lbs to go!

Assuming it doesn't pour on us this weekend, Sakief and I are planning to hit the beach for this first time this season. I'm ready for some R&R at home this weekend, catching up on sleep and not doing much else (other than getting a little sun of course).

But before that can happen, I have to convince myself to work out a little bit. I'm very proud of myself for the weight I have lost so far, but I know that I need to start an exercise plan and really can't get motivated. My plan for today is to head to the free Zumba class at work this afternoon, but I always seem to find an excuse or something actually comes up. Maybe blogging about it will help to keep me accountable!

Have a fantastic weekend!


  1. Extreme like!!!!!! Haha do zumba it's incredibly fun and no one is doing the same thing so it's also very entertaining : ) enjoy the class and your weekend at the beach!! <3 you

  2. woohoo! i'm so happy for your big loss! zumba is so fun! And even better when it's free! Also, it burns A TON of calories. I do it twice a week for 45 minutes each and burn at least 400 calories each time.

    I've gotten in to a good exercise routine and I like the regularity of it. Start out with cardio then once you're used to that add in some strength training. That way we'll both be skinny and strong! It's still tough to get going sometime but I always feel better after. Also tell Sakief when you're going to exercise. Nothing gets my butt going like when Bill asks me if I worked out today... Good Luck!