Thursday, March 22, 2012

Hello new decade!

A couple of posts ago I mentioned "decades" and how I am hoping to bust through two more (a total of 12 pounds) before my birthday on May 16. While my typical weigh in day is Friday, I will be leaving the house before 6 am tomorrow, so today I'm calling my weigh in official.

I was thrilled to see that as of this morning I have broken into the first of two decades I'd like to get into before my birthday. This means that I have only 10 more pounds to lose before I turn 26 (ugh). Since my birthday is a little less than 2 months away now, it means I have to lose about 1 pound every 5 days, which rocks! It would be nice to hit that goal early, but I'm liking the slowed down weight loss.

Weight lost this week: 2 pounds
Total weight loss: 35 pounds
Weight left: 65 pounds

I was also really happy to have met another mini goal this morning; I hit my "biggest loser" goal of 15 pounds before our 6 weeks was up.

According to my food tracker (I LOVE I will hit my final weight goal around the beginning of November, but as I lose more weight, the date changes, so we'll see! I think it's fun to have a general idea though. Keeps me going knowing that it's only a few months away!


  1. congrats on the new decade!!! I also use lose it but on my phone. Keep up the good work!

  2. Yayay!!!!! keep it up, you're doing great : )

  3. I use lose it both online and on my phone. I love that I can take it with me anywhere, and have access to the expanded version online. It's awesome!