Friday, March 16, 2012


As per usual, it's weigh in day! Drum roll please... 2 pounds lost! My total is now 33 lbs!

I'm so excited to have lost more than one pound this week, and would love to thank Liz for being my miracle weight loss predictor. Every time I ask her how much she thinks I've lost during the week, she guesses correctly. Yesterday she was very reassuring that I had lost more than a half pound (I may have unofficially weighed in earlier in the week). I need her to start guessing 3 or 4 lbs... haha.

What's most exciting to me is that I'm feeling really good about reaching my mini goals. I can't remember now how many weeks we have left, but by the time my office biggest loser competition is over, I hope to have lost 35 lbs. Since I am only 2 away, I think I can do it =)

My next mini goal is to lose another 12 pounds before my birthday (exactly two months from today, not like I'm counting down or anything). That would put me down two more "decades" as I like to call them. Essentially my psyche sees a much bigger difference between, for example, 231 and 229, versus 229 and 227. That change in middle number makes me feel really good. Right now I'm very close to my next decade, so I think two months for two decades is a good goal.

Looking forward to enjoying some wonderful warm weather by the pool this weekend... and not feeling as self conscious in my bathing suit! Definitely planning to break it out for the first time this season.

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