Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Luckiest

I try really hard not to be "that girl" who gets all mushy and brags about her awesome boyfriend, but occasionally, he really deserves the praise.

One of the biggest challenges dieters can face, is dieting alone. Meaning, you may have restrictions on the food you're eating, but others (especially those you live with), either don't, or don't care.

Sakief has no need to lead a low carb life like I am, and honestly, shouldn't. He works out on a regular basis and would probably be exhausted all of the time if he limited his carbs the way I do. I, on the other hand, am practically sedentary (I know, I know, this will change... eventually).

Despite his desire/need/whatever to eat carbs while I avoid them like the plague, he has been such an incredible support and help for me, especially since we moved in together a few weeks ago. He has altered recipes to fit my needs, and always makes sure to cook a green veggie for me, instead of the rice he's eating.

Last night is a prime example of how wonderful he is. After a long day at outreach (by the way, my meal plan worked, and I avoided extra snacks and the lure of Tropical Smoothie), I came home to a walked and fed dog, and dinner cooking on the stove. Sakief loves to cook, and is ridiculously good at it too.

Our meal last night was a chicken curry. The sauce itself is never a real issue when living the low carb life, however, (white) rice is a staple with curries. Instead of rice, I enjoyed the sauce with steamed broccoli, and it was delicious! For those who may not enjoy broccoli as much as I do, the flavor in the sauce overpowers the broccoli so much, you can hardly taste it. Carb/rice issue, solved!

I'm definitely the luckiest, for so many reasons.

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