Friday, July 12, 2013

Finding New Strength

More like finding new muscles... I'm now just over a third of the way through my squats and abs challenges, which are beginning to really suck, and my entire body is telling me about it. I expected my thighs and abs to burn, but I've been surprised by the other soreness I'm experiencing... My back. It makes sense to me, but I just hadn't thought about it. And despite the additional soreness I'm feeling, I'm quite pleased to know that I am strengthening my back. I think it's an often overlooked area for people who are somewhat making things up as they go when it comes to working out (such as myself).

I had another good week of weight loss, and am now down a total of 6.5lbs! This weekend will be a good test of willpower as Sakief and I are headed to Dallas in the morning for a John Mayer concert. I'm pretty stoked for a little time away with him. It's been a rough week for both of us between work and school, and it will be nice for a brief reprieve from real life.

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