Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Half way there!

Actually, more than!  I had originally thought that this C25k program was nine weeks (I think once upon a time I was using a nine week program), but the program I am using now is only eight weeks.  

This morning I finished week 5 day 2!  I'm definitely getting to a point in the program where it's not "easy".  I'm trying to get into a routine so that I complete each week of training during the calendar week.  Sunday is day 1, Tuesday is day 2, and Friday is day 3.  Week 5 day 3 is a 20 minute run with no breaks.  I'm nervous about it, but as the little engine that could says, "I think I can!".  Pssh, I know I can!  Friday here I come!

It's helping that I have the right attitude.  I really am enjoying my runs.  It's not a chore to go out and get my workout done, and even if I struggle, I feel great afterwards.  So much so that I've upped my goal... 10k here I come!  I downloaded a program that is just the continuation of the C25k program.  So I'll be staying on my current pace for the 5k (which Sakief and I run officially on December 5), and then continue on afterwards.

Sakief has just started training for a marathon.  I think I owe some of my "success" to my competitive side.  Not that I ever want to run a marathon (seriously, never, if I say something crazy about running a marathon, slap me), but if he's running and doing well, then I want to be too!

Only 10 runs left until I finish the program, ahh!!

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